International Women’s Day and jewels from the spring tides


20180120_141118Spring arriving and time to celebrate the tides of women in the world through all the ebb and flow

I saw this heart shaped shell  as the water moved back out to sea…



We shed blood

without violence

blend matter and heart

fuse water and womb

We are Isis

rebirthing the sun

We are Maeve

reclaiming the shadow

We are a mother’s peace

we hold the mother wound

Our blankets are sewn of prayer

red cotton, sweetgrass, yarrow

plaited into song

reclaiming the first medicines

We are daughters of swords

fight to the death

for the no that means no,

hold unfettered roots

through green labyrinths

to the Supreme

We breathe stars into you

til the end of  breathing

We hum you to us

form tides steering mystery

Old ways are ours

oak murmuring the first leaves,

carrying the confluence of all circles

endings, beginnings

everywhere under your feet

We shape shift across this land

fire the hearth

travel the wheel

through rusty creaks

in awe of small things

light workers, all beings

the juice that is life

We are

and we are not.

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