magical helper in the early morning backyard scribble….

The long evenings have arrived! Watch out for the hares, they are never far at this time!

This picture was taken looking out an Island Eddy which apparently has lots of hares, did they swim there?!


little excerpt from an old piece about hares I wrote when I was immobilized  after a knee operation, I planted myself at the back step  and watched them come and go!


Will it rain, what’s the right action?

before I consult the cards you vanish

quick as a breath

over the stream and into the willow

leaving my destiny up to me.


Second coffee on the second day

we meet again

somehow I’m meddling in your world

but in the split second of

my mindless thoughts, your steady grace

our rhythms mingle…….


(From Lilac and Gooseberries, Lapwing 2018)

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