The roots of your refuge

 in the chaos of this world,

the sanctity of green

when your shaken to the bone,

your movement through the waters

in the waves that fade or flow,

the sanctuary, the search

for your gold in the river.


In late 2018 and early January 2019, I asked myself what the theme for the year ahead might be. Loud and clear, I heard the answer to be “sanctuary”. And so, with the idea of sanctuary in its many forms as the root for the work, I explored this theme through writing and soon after, through collaborative discussion and work with other artists in the local area.  I like pushing the boundaries of how to share words. In this upcoming exhibition on September 15th in Thoor Ballylee. I will read and show work where I collaborated  a little with the amazing visual artist Aisling O’ Leary who created wooden tabernacles with magical art inside. Our work combined reflects the inner and outer sanctuaries of life. I also experimented with visual poetry for this exhibition, visitors will get to explore and engage with these poems dotted around the inside and outside exhibition spaces and natural sanctuary of the woods.


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