The Artist’s Way

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This is an amazing life changing course. When I first wanted to write poems this wonderful course created by Julia Cameron helped me get started! I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to bring more magic into their lives. The introductory course I am running in November is now booked out but please get in touch if you would like to out your name down for the next one which I will run in the new year.

here’s a little poem I wrote when I first started doing the morning pages and work of the Artist’s Way course…

The Golden Ratio


There is a divine proportion

to this winter morning splitting of wood,

wrens reclaiming the air, singing through the sound of melting.

I must consider the weight of ash against the spit of spruce,

trace the path of grain along sinews born in green glade spaces.

It’s a case of how I slice; a little force, not too much

there will be knots, yielding, patience, breaking

Tine gheal ,tine buí ,i mo lámh, i mo chroí.

In chopping wood I put myself back together

feel the rings of rising sap in the crack and burn of listening

to stories told through spirit trees that honour my hearth,

piece after piece sculpting moments of home

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